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Marquee Heating For Hire Throughout Yorkshire & The North East

Whatever the weather conditions, we will make sure your marquee is heated discreetly and to just the right temperature, ensuring all of your guests are comfortable. All of our free standing heaters blowing out gentle warm air are located around the marquee

Taking into account the size of the marquee and also the time of year, you have three sizes of heater to choose from.

2.8Kw Marquee Heater
9Kw Marquee Heater
15Kw Marquee Heater

2.8 Kw Dryfast Electric Heater
This rugged lightweight portable electric heater operates from a 230/1/50 electrical supply – either a standard 13 amp socket is suitable, or a 16 amp weatherproof socket. The radial fan in these electric heaters produces good air pressure at very low noise level. An integral heater thermostat is a standard feature, as is a fan only selector for summer ventilation.

9 Kw Dryfast Electric Heater

The DFE.40T 9 Kw Dryfast Electric Heater requires a 400/3/50 electrical supply at 20 amps/phase. An automatic thermostat is an integral component of this electric heater along with fan only selector for summer ventilation. Safety overheat protectors are fitted on each bank of elements.

15 Kw Dryfast Electric Heaters

The DFE 80T 15 Kw is a highly versatile rugged 15kW portable electric blower heater has manual selector switches that provide three heat settings and a fan only setting for summer ventilation. An integral thermostat provides automatic control at all three heat settings. Safety overheat protectors are fitted on each bank of elements. Longer lengths of air ducting can be fitted to these electric heaters and double skin construction ensures that these heaters have a low temperature outer skin.

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