Terms and Conditions


1.        Liability for delay to or contracts uncompleted due to any of the following eventualities will not be accepted by us.
a. Unsuitable sites
b. The state of the wind or weather
c. Loss or damage by fire or flood
d. Any lockout or strike
e. Any cause out of our control

2.      The hirer agrees to:
a. Inform us of the presence of drains, pipes, cables, etc likely to be affected, and to repair or make good any damage to the site.
b. To pay cancellation charges as follows:
100% Less than 7 days notice,
75% Less than 28 days notice,
50% Less than 56 days notice,
Deposit if 56 days or more notice is given

3.     A hiring will be confirmed in writing by the company on receipt of a deposit of £100.00 accompanied by a completed booking form or written order. The balance of account must be settled in full 14 days prior to the day of erection of marquees and equipment. We reserve the right to charge interest at 4% above bank base rate calculated on a daily basis on all monies outstanding.

4.       Equipment
a. We reserve the right to charge a deposit to cover part or whole of the equipment hired
b. All hire prices are quoted subject to the site and subsurface being suitable
c. In the event of emergency, we reserve the right to substitute alternative sizes of marquee(s) and other equipment to give as near as possible the equivalent requirements.
d. All offers for hire are subject to increases, if the site is abnormal and increases in labour costs and or materials 

5.     Erecting & Dismantling The Marquee

a.    The hire charges do not include attendance by the firm’s men except during the actual process of erecting and dismantling.
b.   Period of hire means the period for which the marquee(s) and or equipment is required to be ready for use
c.   The hirer shall provide a plan showing the position in which the marquee(s) is to be erected or have a representative on site for that purpose. In the absence of such a plan or representative the contractorhaving erected the marquee(s) and or equipment will be deemed to have completed the contract
d.    The hirer will be responsible for the insurance and safe custody of the firms property while on site and will make good to the firm all loss or damage to the firms property or equipment used on site, unless it be proved that such loss or damage was caused by faulty materials or workmanship. ( Fair wear and tear accepted )

6.      We do not accept responsibility for:
a.   Any damage to any equipment placed in marquees 
b.   Public liability

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